Brazilian Brigadeiro Recipe


Brigadeiro is a typical sweet of Brazilian cuisine that quickly spread throughout Brazil, becoming common throughout the country for its presence at birthday parties, along with sweets such as cajuzinho and beijinho. It is also known by the name of negrinho in Rio Grande do Sul.

This delicious dessert is considered to have originated in Rio de Janeiro, in honor to Brigadier Eduardo Gomes’ electoral campaign for the presidency in 1945, but some scholars say that the candy originated in southern Brazil.

Brazilian Brigadeiro Recipe
Credit Photo: Marilza Royer

Heloísa Nabuco de Oliveira, was part of the traditional Carioca family that supported the brigadier’s candidacy, so she named the military rank of Eduardo Gomes as the name of the candy. The treat, initially made as a way to raise funds for the campaign, quickly gained popularity and spread throughout the rest of the country along with the election campaign. As the parties of co-religionists and electoral leaders were much disputed by the population, they soon began to call their friends to go eat the “sweetie of the brigadeiro”. Over time, the name “brigadeiro” became so associated with the sweet that it came to be known only as “brigadeiro”.

Now let’s see the ingredients!


  • Condensed milk (400 grams)
  • Chocolate powder ( 4 table spoons)
  • Margarine or butter (one table spoon)
  • Granulate chocolate for topping ( as needed)


Pour the condensed milk into the pan, add the chocolate powder (or chocolate shavings), mix well, add the butter and bring to a low heat, stirring constantly until the dough comes off the bottom of the pan. When at this point, remove from the pan and transfer to a buttered dishware container. Let it cool, mold the balls, pass them in milk or semisweet granulate chocolate and accommodate them in the classic pleated paper molds. It can be made either on the stovetop or in the microwave oven.

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