What is cell phone insurance and how does it work?

Have you ever thought about taking out cell phone insurance? If you still don’t know anything about cell phone insurance or want to know more about this type of product, read the article and clear all your doubts!

cell phone insurance

Let’s first explain what cell phone insurance is for you who still don’t know exactly how to do it. Mobile insurance is a service offered by insurers, companies or operators to ensure that the insured is reimbursed in certain situations.
This is how people can rely on mobile damage insurance when they have smartphone problems. and the losses are not so great. For example, the insurance company can be called in case of theft, theft, fall or other problems with the mobile device.

It is important to note that each cell phone insurance policy may differ depending on the insurer, company or bank offering the insurance. Find out more below!

How does cell phone insurance work?

Now that you know what cell phone insurance is, let’s explain how the service works in practice. In fact, each company that offers this type of insurance has a different way of protecting your cell phone.
However, some conditions are more common in most insurance companies, such as the price of cell phone insurance and the amount to be paid in the event of an accident (theft, theft, fall and others). In general, the value of cell phone insurance varies between 10% and 25% of the cell phone value, depending on the device model.
Cell phone insurance can be paid in 12 months or a little longer, depending on the insurer. It is also important to know that insurance companies usually work with the option of paying compensation in cash (in whole or in part) in the event of a claim or offer of a device of the same model or similar smartphone. Take the opportunity to know how the loan with cell phone guarantee works.

How do I choose cell phone insurance?

To be able to hire cell phone insurance, some rules must be observed. The first is to have the invoice from your mobile device. So it’s important to know that some insurers only insure devices that have been used for less than 12 months.


How do I get cell phone insurance?

To help you find the ideal cell phone insurance for your profile, we have separated some simple tips that can be useful when hiring this protection service.
•Research different cell phone insurance plans and pricing options before deciding.
• The value of cell phone insurance may vary according to the model of the mobile device, that is, if it is of high value, the price will follow the same path.
•Ask all questions before hiring. If you find it necessary to include additional coverage, choose from the many options companies offer to further protect your cell phone.
•The insurance policy is a document that details all the obligations and rights of the insured. Therefore, read the entire contents of the cell phone insurance policy and have the information at hand in case of a claim.

How much does cell phone insurance cost?

I would like to know if cell phone insurance is expensive or cheap? Below we share some points that affect the price of cell phone insurance:

1. Duration of use: The older your cell phone, the cheaper the insurance values ​​offered by insurance companies. On the other hand, the more expensive your cell phone, the higher the price of insurance for the mobile device.
2. Physical condition: In addition to the time of use, the condition of your cell phone is an important factor in the price of the insurance device. If the cell phone has problems or factors that contribute to less use, the insurance value may increase.
3. Device brand and model: The brand and model are also factors that can change the amount of insurance paid by each customer. There are insurers that charge the same amount for different makes and models, and insurers that only accept certain models on the market.
4. Contract Term: As already mentioned, the most common contractual term is 12 months. but there are other options with more time. However, the longer the period of the cell phone protection contract, the greater the amount to be paid.

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