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It is not news to anyone that many people are passionate about football, and that it is evolving every day around the world. And with each passing day, the number of people who use an application to watch football games increases.

An app to watch football matches is a fever in Brazil, both on open channels and on channels that are closed, it is something that generates a lot of profits, which means that football itself is big business. However, with the great evolutions in relation to the internet that the world is experiencing these days, there are already some applications that allow you to watch games for free and wherever you want.

So, if you are a football lover and you are interested in knowing an application to watch football games whenever and wherever you want, know that you are in the right article.

Watch Live Football on Mobile

app to watch football games
app to watch football games (image from Google)


How to install the application to watch football games?

There are thousands of applications that allow you to watch football for free, but what we are going to teach you next is what is called the FIFA APP.

Where, in order for you to be able to connect and watch football for free with the aforementioned application, you will need to do the following procedure:

Step 1 – Access your virtual application store on your mobile device (it is called Play Store on Android devices and App Store, on devices that have the IOS operating system). It is important to remember that the application in question is available for all mobile devices, which ends up allowing many people to have access to the application in question.

Step 2 – When accessing the virtual application store, write and search for the FIFA APP application. After that, request its installation on your mobile device, in the same way you are used to installing applications. If you don’t know how to do this, see below:

IOS: after searching, click on the “Get” option, soon after, it will be necessary for you to be doing the security process, that is, either you must enter a password (in PIN format), or (if your mobile device be with fingerprint security), put your fingerprint to allow the installation and then you just have to wait for the process to finish.
Android: after searching for the application, find its icon and click on “Install” and wait until the process finishes by itself.

Step 3 – After the installation is done, you are providing some of your personal data, which will basically be used for confirmation and installation of the application on your mobile device, the data that must be informed are as follows:

Step 4 – After all that, create a personal password and also a user login so that you can be accessing the application whenever you want and thus, watch football wherever and whenever you want, for free. It is worth remembering the fact that every time you want to watch a certain football game, it will be necessary that you are correctly entering both your username and password, which were created .

Follow your team’s Game Table on OneFootball Android/iOS

It is also worth remembering that there are many other application options, which you can install and test, so that, in addition to having access to different content, you can also find the one that best suits you and the games. that you are interested in watching at a given time.

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